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"Where I'm from, mental health is not something we talk about it. In the Afro-Caribbean community, it's a taboo subject, something of which we're taught to be ashamed. As a result, I spent years grieving in silence and solitude, not realising that reaching out for professional help was a viable option. Working with Lisa is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made. The first time we met, I found myself telling a stranger my deepest pain and crying in her office. As someone who prides themselves on being in control of their emotions at all times, I use this as a testament to Lisa; she has this aura about her that immediately compels you to let your guard down. She is kind, compassionate, and patient and is never without a smile. With Lisa, I felt listened to in a way I never have before. Every time we met we had a conversation which sent me home significantly lighter than when I arrived. I cannot recommend and thank Lisa enough for what she's done for me."

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